Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn

Elections are being held again in the UK on December 12, 2019.   Parliament has been dissolved and the country is divided about a Deal or No Deal Brexit.  The coutry’s Political parties are hoping that the people will un-lock Parliaments handicap.  Johnson’s Conservative Party is hoping to win a clear majority in this election so that they can push his deal through, which is Brexit now, with or without a deal in place with the EU.   Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is supporting a 2nd referendum and are less clear cut on  Brexit.  The Liberal Democrats are polling in double digits and want to stay part of the EU.   Lastly, there is the Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage who are a new party and simply want a clear break from Europe.

Confused?  So is everybody else.  Let’s see if this time the UK can finally take the next steps without further delays.